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Brady Goes To Kindergarten

It’s here…Brady’s first day of Kindergarten!!!

Wake-up sleepy head….or just stay in bed with Mommy forever – I would be OK with that:-)

The morning starts off with an encouraging word from Nanny and Pop!!TIME TO GET DRESSED.

Watching Brian help him get dressed sent me back in time when diapers were being changed…bottles were being made…hands were being held…and rocking chairs swayed slowly back and forth. No longer a baby, not even a toddler, but now a little boy headed off to Kindergarten…how can this be?

Brady: “Daddy…I’m a little scared about going to Kindergarten….”

Brian: “It’s okay to be nervous….sometimes I get nervous about work or a big meeting…but then I think about you…and I feel better.  If you feel scared or nervous…close your eyes and think about something that makes you smile”.

Brady: “I’ll think about you Daddy!”

Buttons and belts can be tricky!

Brady: “Thanks Daddy!”  :-)’re a stud! 

Cartoons with his lil’brother!

….and we’re off!

Waiting our turn…its drop-off time!

The moment had finally arrived – it was time to send him on his way….the car stopped….doors opened…seat-belts released!  I expected to see tears….and hear pleading words to stay….but as I turned around the expression on his face was my only focus.  Everything else fell silent and in that moment…I saw my baby…my toddler…my little boy….all grown up and ready to enter a small corner of “the real world”.  He was scared… anxious…and without a doubt overwhelmed…BUT in the end he was brave!  What happened next wasn’t documented…because sometimes putting the camera down and experiencing  ” THE MOMENT” is far more important than capturing it.  With tear filled eyes I helped him out of the car…secured his backpack…kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “I’m proud of you buddy…be brave and show’em whatcha got”.   He hugged me…and said, “thanks Mommy…I needed that.”  He took a few steps towards the door, turned and said,  “Promise you’ll be here to pick me up?” – Me: “ALWAYS”

I know its just the beautiful beginning….and for some my words may seem dramatic…but my feelings are raw and emotions are real.  It all seems to be happening so fast!  When did I trade pacifiers for pencils…and diaper bags for backpacks?    I wish I could keep him small forever…but I know its time to let go…at least for 3 hours in the morning Monday through Friday!  Every minute before and after…HE’S MINE:-)


Rachael Rump - That’s great!! So happy!!

Susan OBanion - Crying all the way through it!!!! Absolutely so so precious!!!! Love those boys so much!!!

Michele - OMG… Totally tearing up reading this. You have captured this day perfectly; it is what every mother feels on that first day! This will be one of many teary mommy days… So many moments :) I was just saying the other day oh my gosh in three short years Brayden will be in high school! Do Not Blink… It all goes too fast. And your post wasn’t too wordy, it was absolutely beautiful and well said! Raw emotions are the best emotions! It will get easier… Wait until the day he tells you mom it’s okay you don’t have to walk me in… Knife-in-the-heart…. But you have a few years for that for now.. enjoy!!

Nicole - Jenny this hit so close to home with my little Noah. I cried the entire time I read this. So point on and not dramatic at all. He’s your world and I can imagine being in your shoes. He’s so precious. Glad you documented this great milestone.

Katie - I’m sobbing reading this, because I’m right there with ya, girl! It’s so HARD to let go! It’s been an emotionally draining time, for sure. I guess we should be grateful that we got them this far….but it’s just so darn sad! Beautiful pictures and one very handsome, very lucky little guy:). We’ll get through this together…what choice do we have? Love ya!

Betty - Oh Jen!! This is priceless! Can you print that out?

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I don’t typically blog about my personal life but today  THIS HAPPENED. ENJOY!

Time-out was a rather popular location to visit in my house today!  Meet  “The Captain” and  “MVP” of T-O, my second born…BLAKE.  I grabbed my camera around T-O trip number 5…I couldn’t help myself…I had to document this OHHHH so special and recurring event:)

He will try anything to “weasel” his way out of T-O.  There’s begging…bargaining…pleading…some occasional bribery…AND THEN the FACES.  Take for example:

“THE SAD” Face

DON’T  let this face fool you….he’s up to NO GOOD.  I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT!:)

And then there’s the … “HELP –  A BUG  –  I”M SCARED” face.

Often effective…but overused.  Not this time Cowboy!

….Let’s not  forget the “FLIRT” face.  Try again Champ!!

…AND when all esle fails….his clutch move…. “I HAVE TO PEE!” face.

 ME: “Blake MY MAN…you win”.

Look who decided to join the fun!

Blake (right)  to Brady (left)  “YOU’RE IN MY SPOTTTTT!!!!”

More “FLIRT” face.

OK…Blake you can get up – the flirting thing worked this time!

Brady take a tip from your brother…flirting requires a smile and  wink 😉 This face does not qualify…

Brady’s “TIC-TOC’ face.


I too spent some time today in T-O…crime….use of  a “yucky” word! GUILTY!

THIS IS MY “OH SH*T” face!

Kids….they don’t miss a beat!

Photo credit to my 5 year old…

…and no I don’t edit out the bumps and bruises you see on my boys! I LOVE THEM JUST THE WAY THE ARE  😉

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Meet Brooke!! Brooke is an upcoming senior at Notre Dame Academy in the graduating Class of 2015.  I was thrilled to spend the evening with Brooke and her Mom.  We bounced around from one rustic location to the next….hunting down rusty doors….open fields…and yummy Kentucky light! These gals were up for anything (my kind of peeps).  Thanks for an awesome senior session….Brooke – YOU NAILED IT!

Hello EYES!

I find inspiration in imperfections…for example, we stumbled upon this little “rusty graveyard” while strolling through Deaton’s Nursery.  Textures galore…..JACKPOT!! FOR THE RECORD…I am now the proud owner of that busted up door!  Whhhhat? I couldn’t pass up the deal…and OHHHHHH the possibilities … currently channeling my wanna-be DIY-er!

I get so excited when my seniors “accessorize”….a sun hat…PERFECT!  OBSESSED with this shot:-)

Yellow flowers – check, ADORABLE – check, scrumdiddlyumptious light – CHECKCHECK!


STOP THE CAR!!!  As we were driving to our location  I spotted a field of blooming Pear Trees…. SCREEEEEECH….”STOP THE CAR” … 90 seconds  later this happened! SO GLAD IT DID:-)

Sometimes great things happen when you don’t know I’m looking.  ME: “Relax for a second…adjusting a few settings in my camera”! JUST KIDDING – GOTCHA- MUHAHAHAH!!!

Brooke is a doll….with the most infectious laugh!

NEVER FAILS…Mom moments are always my favorite! Beautiful job ladies:-)

Make-up by: Jasime Parker Cotton of Brideface



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Northern Kentucky Cincinnati Senior Photographer {Jessica VMA}

I love a warm summer session…but there is something about cold weather that makes me want to grab my camera and fire. So I was THRILLED when Jessica contacted me for a late fall session. EARLY NOVEMBER…and it was chilly, and when I say chilly I mean down-right-cold! My girl was a trooper…kicking the day off at 7:45am (delicious early morning light) in one of my favorite field locations. We would shoot for a few minutes and then head back to our cars to thaw…shoot-thaw, shoot-thaw…this went on all morning. Our session ended in Cincinnati…dancing in the streets and laying in leaves! Jessica blew me away…she’s lovely from head to-toe, inside and out! Thanks Jessica for a session that felt completely unique…and down-right daring (20 degrees and still rocked a dress with ease)!:-)

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